My College Fit guides students through the three phases of the college admissions journey. Students are confident, organized, and poised to present their best self. 


  • Discuss expectations of the process, goals, and timeline. Learn main factors in college admissions, selectivity, and match. Discuss high school course selection and chart standardized testing dates and preparation.
  • Student completes personality assessment and other tools used as considerations in college search and discussion about career interests and research. Complete various exercises to inventory interests, goals, strengths, and passions to determine ways to paint the picture of oneself for applications.
  • Create resume for possible summer work, internships, or summer programs. Discuss the pluses and minuses of social media in the process.

Search and Research

  • The List: Create suggested list of college considerations chosen based on student’s interests, abilities, and priorities. Family is equipped with best practices to do further exploration and research.
  • College Visits: Complete preparation to maximize campus visits. Conduct mock interviews in preparation for campus or alumni interviews, including sample questions and tips to insure a confident and positive impression.
  • Demonstrating Interest: Discuss how to contact colleges, establish rapport with admissions officers, and effectively use resources offered by colleges.


  • The Application: Provide insight on best-suited application methods: Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision. Assist students in using the application to reflect their strengths. Ensure students are organized and all applications are completed well and on time. 

  • Essays: Collaborate with student to define topics and manage multiple essays. Discuss the key elements of effective essays and provide direction for essay brainstorming and essay management. Students will create an essay using their own unique and compelling voice.

  • Manage outcomes and support students in decision making process. 


My College Fit
Amy Jasper


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