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Amy Jasper

As Owner and Principal Consultant of My College Fit, Amy Jasper's passion is guiding students on their academic journey. She strives to bring a calm objective voice to the often stressful and overwhelming college admissions process, cheering students on as they discover their own strengths and interests. She serves as the bridge between parents and students, replacing the much-feared battle of wills between parent and teen. Amy's work experience comes from both sides of the admissions process and spans well over a decade. She has first hand knowledge of numerous colleges and universities often visiting over 25 campuses a year. As the mother of a recent college graduate and a college freshman, she enjoys bringing all facets of her professional and personal life experiences to My College FitRead more about Amy...

Kimberly Link

Kimberly Link is an Associate Consultant located in the greater Charlottesville area, offering My College Fit college planning services to students locally and remotely. As former admissions colleagues and long-time friends, Kim Link and Amy Jasper share the same dedication to serving the uniqueness of each student with personalized college planning, and a belief that the process of applying to college is as valuable as the outcome. Read more about Kim...


My College Fit
Amy Jasper


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